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Smogen Distillery

Single Malt Swedish Whisky

Distilled : 2012

Bottled : 2022

N* bottles: 284

Strength: 59.6% vol

Size: 70cl

Cask: Oloroso Hogshead


The   industrious Par  Caldenby started distilling  at Smogen in  2010, producing under 100 casks per  year. Although the distillery may be small volume-wise, it produces whiskies of robust character, driven by long fermentations,  worm tub   condensers and  use of heavily peated malt. Smogen has rightly become a Nordic cult favourite.

This powerful Swede  bursts out of the glass, leaving a cloud  of coastal peat, seaweed, grilled lime,  smoked bacon and  leather, with a farmyard note developing with time in the  glass. The palate shows a little fruit in the form of pear drops  and apricot jam, but peat smoke builds on the palate and  demands attention. Some  tangy orange shows  through on the finish,  with waves of smoke  lasting on the  palate. This  dram leaves  you in no doubt why Smogen is in such high  demand.