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Glenrothes  Distillery (?)

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled : 2007

Bottled : 2022

N* bottles: 221

Strength: 62.7% vol

Size: 70cl

Cask: Puncheon


Occasionally, we come across a cask of whisky ofwhich we're unable to disclose the origins. While we  would usually try to  avoid this, some casks are just too good to pass by.

This  rich  Speysider  gives  a near  textbook example  of  ex-Sherry  butt whisky:  dried fruits,  wood spice and a little  leather emerge  on the  nose. The  palate  is beautifully soft  and  mellow,  with  notes  of figs, dates  and raisins.  Clean, vibrant, honeyed  notes  build  to  an  almost  sherbet-like mouthfeel. The powerful  Sherry- wood flavours  integrate perfectly  with the  high alcohol at cask strength. The finish brings  more pleasingly  soft Sherry-wood flavours, with  layers  of honey  and spice.