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979.00 NIS 1,099.00 NIS 979.00

Miltonduff Distillery

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled : 1995

Bottled : 2020

N* bottles: 134

Serie: Spirit Shop's Selection / Dong Fang Ming label

Strength: 55.7% vol

Size: 70cl

Cask: Bourbon Barrel


This bottle of DONG FANG MING Miltonduff 1995 featuring the "Falcon and Cherry Bloom" by a Japanese anonymous artist in 18th century. Showcasing the beauty of elegant and heroic.

Tasting Note 
Nose: Nice floral smelling coming from the bloosm tree when a falcon flapping its wings. Together with a smell of juniper seed and a few citrus fruits.

Palate: The falcon found someone cooking butter caramel and vanilla, honey in a house full of new leather furniture.

Finish: Long, lots of tannins, spices bitterness, but in a good way.